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Forensic Services


Forensic Services

Forensic psychology refers to the application of psychological knowledge, skills, and research to address legal, contractual, and administrative matters. Dr. Reid provides forensic psychology services in the following areas:

Criminal Courts

Competence and sanity sentencing, including sex offenses, deferred dispositions, and other offenses

Child sex abuse, including forensic interview methods, taint & suggestibility


Forensic Assessments, including:

  • False Confessions
  • Eyewitness Identifications
  • Criminal Intent
  • Effects of Brain Injury on Behavior
  • Sanity
  • Competency
  • Sex Offending Allegations
  • Critique of child investigative interviews
  • Cognitive assessment
  • Brain pathology and behavior

CIvil Courts

Psychological and physical effects of brain trauma

Competency to execute wills

Effects of physical and psychological trauma

Personal injury evaluations

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